10 Easy Diy Projects Using Materials From Home Depot



Are you bored at home and looking for something to do? Do you want to spruce up your home while also saving a few bucks? Look no further than your local Home Depot! With a variety of materials and tools, you can create DIY projects that will add a personal touch to your home decor. These projects are not only fun to work on, but they are also cost-effective.

In this article, we will share 10 easy DIY projects that you can make using materials from Home Depot. All of these projects can be done in a day or over the weekend, and they require minimal experience with DIY work. So, let’s get started!

1. Wooden Crate Shelves

Wooden Crate Shelves

Transform plain wooden crates into stylish and functional shelves. All you need are wooden crates, sandpaper, paint or stain, and a drill. First, use sandpaper to sand the rough edges of the crates. Then, paint or stain them in a color of your choice. Once the crates have dried, stack them on top of each other and drill a screw through the bottom of each crate and into the one below it. Finally, hang the crate shelves on the wall using brackets or hooks.

Not only do these shelves add a rustic touch to your home, but they are also practical. Use them in your bathroom to store towels or in your living room to hold books and decorations.

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2. Tile Coasters

Tile Coasters

Personalize your coasters by adding your favorite tile designs. You will need 4-inch tiles, felt pads, felt circles, Mod Podge, a brush, and a ruler. First, cut the felt circles to the same size as the tiles. Then, use the Mod Podge to adhere the felt pads to the bottom of the tiles. Next, use the ruler to measure and cut pieces of scrapbook paper or decorative paper that fit within the tile design. Use the Mod Podge to glue the paper onto the tile. Once the Mod Podge has dried, use a brush to apply a final layer of Mod Podge to the paper.

These DIY tiled coasters are not only easy to make, but they also protect your furniture from water rings. Have fun creating a set of four or mix and match designs for a unique set!

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3. Simple Dartboard

Simple Dartboard

Add some fun to your game room by making a simple dartboard. You will need cork board, a circular cork trivet, push pins, a ruler, a pencil, and a dart set. First, determine the center of the cork board by drawing two diagonal lines that meet in the center. Then, place the trivet on top of the cork board centered on the intersection of the lines. Use a ruler and pencil to draw the dartboard rings on the cork board. Finally, use push pins to secure the dartboard to the wall and start playing!

This DIY project is perfect for a game room or man cave. It is also a great way to bond with friends and family while at home.

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4. Pallet Wood Picture Frames

Pallet Wood Picture Frames

Transform pallet wood into rustic picture frames. You will need pallet wood, a saw, sandpaper, glue, clamps, picture frame hangers, and screws. First, cut the pallet wood into four pieces, two for the horizontal sides and two for the vertical sides. Use sandpaper to smooth out the rough edges and surfaces of the wood. Then, glue the sides together, securing them with clamps until the glue has dried. Finally, add picture frame hangers and screws to the back of the frame.

These DIY frames are perfect for displaying your favorite family photos or artwork. They add a rustic touch to any room in your house.

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5. Mason Jar Wall Sconce

Mason Jar Wall Sconce

Create a rustic chic wall sconce using mason jars. You will need mason jars, twine, wood boards, a saw, screws, hooks, and candles or lights. First, cut the wood boards to the desired size and sand them down. Then, use screws to attach the hooks to the boards. Tie twine around the top of each mason jar and use the hooks to hang them from the board. Finally, add candles or lights to the jars and enjoy!

These DIY wall sconces are perfect for adding some extra lighting and personality to your home. Place them in your hallway or bedroom for a cozy ambiance.

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6. Wooden Doormat

Wooden Doormat

Customize your front porch by creating a wooden doormat. You will need 2×2 wooden slats, wood glue, nails, and a saw. First, cut the wooden slats into equal lengths. Then, arrange them in a rectangular pattern on a flat surface. Space them out evenly and glue them together. Once the glue has dried, nail the slats in place to secure them. Finally, add a protective layer of sealant to the doormat.

This DIY project is not only functional but also adds some personality to your home’s entrance. Plus, it can be easily cleaned with a hose or broom.

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7. Fabric Headboard

Fabric Headboard

Upgrade your bedroom by creating a fabric headboard. You will need fabric of your choice, a foam board, batting, a staple gun, drill, and screws. First, wrap the foam board with batting and then with the fabric. Staple the fabric to the back of the board to secure it in place. Then, attach the headboard to the wall using screws and a drill.

This DIY project adds a cozy touch to your bedroom and can be customized to match your personal style.

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8. Tiered Plant Stand

Tiered Plant Stand

Create a tiered plant stand to display your favorite plants. You will need wooden boards, screws, wood glue, and a saw. First, cut the boards into the desired lengths for the base, legs, and tiers. Then, use wood glue and screws to assemble each tier and attach the legs and base. Finally, add your plants and enjoy!

This DIY plant stand is perfect for displaying your plants while saving space. It adds a unique touch to any room in your home.

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9. Copper Pipe Wine Rack

Copper Pipe Wine Rack

Create a beautiful and functional wine rack using copper pipes. You will need copper pipes, brackets, screws, a saw, and a drill. First, cut the copper pipes into equal lengths. Then, use brackets and screws to attach the pipes to the wall, placing them in a tiered pattern. Finally, place your wine bottles on the pipes and admire your new wine rack.

This DIY wine rack is not only functional but also adds a modern touch to your home decor. Plus, it can be easily customized to fit the number of wine bottles you have.

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10. Rope Basket

Rope Basket

Make a stylish and useful rope basket with just rope and glue. You will need a piece of cardboard, clothesline rope, glue gun, and glue sticks. First, cut the cardboard to the desired size of your basket. Glue the end of the rope to the cardboard and start coiling the rope around it. Continue coiling the rope and gluing it to the cardboard until you have reached your desired size. Finally, cut the rope and tuck the end under the last coil.

This DIY rope basket is perfect for storing toys, blankets, or other loose items. It adds a personal touch to your home decor and is easy to make.

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In conclusion, Home Depot has everything you need to create DIY projects for your home. From wooden doormats to mason jar wall sconces, these easy DIY projects are a great way to add some personality and functionality to your home while also being cost-effective. So, what are you waiting for? Grab some materials from Home Depot and get started on your next DIY project.

See you again in another interesting article!

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