The Best Home Renovation Apps To Make Your Project Easier
Are you planning a home renovation project but not sure where to start? Don’t worry; you are not alone. Many people get overwhelmed when it comes to renovating their homes. From budgeting to design to finding the right contractors, there is a lot to manage. Fortunately, there are numerous apps available that can make your home renovation project easier and more manageable. In this article, we will explore the best home renovation apps that can help you streamline your renovation project.

1. Houzz – For Inspiration And Ideas

Houzz – For Inspiration And Ideas
If you’re planning on renovating your home, you need ideas—that’s where Houzz comes in. Houzz is a comprehensive home improvement app that is designed to provide you with inspiration and ideas for your renovation project. The app includes a broad range of options for interior design and architecture, and allows you to browse through thousands of photos to create the perfect design for your home. With Houzz, you can also shop for home decor, read design advice from experts, and hire professionals to help you with the renovation.Houzz also allows you to save your favorite photos and home decor items so you can refer back to them later. You can also connect with other Houzz users and ask for their input on your renovation project.

2. MagicPlan – For Easy Floor Plans

Magicplan – For Easy Floor Plans
One of the most tedious aspects of home renovation is measuring and creating floor plans. Fortunately, MagicPlan makes it easier. This app allows you to create floor plans quickly and easily using just your smartphone or tablet. The app uses augmented reality technology to create accurate floor plans, so all you have to do is scan your space and let MagicPlan take care of the rest.Once you have your floor plan, MagicPlan allows you to export it in a variety of file formats, including PDF, JPEG, and even CAD files. You can also add furniture, fixtures, and other details to your floor plan so that you can see what your space will look like once the renovation is complete.

3. HomeAdvisor – For Finding Contractors

Homeadvisor – For Finding Contractors
The hardest part of any home renovation project is finding the right contractor. With HomeAdvisor, finding the right contractor has never been easier. This app matches you with local contractors who are qualified to do the work that you need. The app also allows you to read reviews from other homeowners, get quotes from multiple contractors, and even schedule appointments for consultations.HomeAdvisor also includes a project cost guide that helps you estimate the cost of your renovation project based on your location, the type of renovation, and other important factors.

4. iHandy Carpenter – For Accurate Measurements

Ihandy Carpenter – For Accurate Measurements
Accurate measurements are crucial when it comes to home renovation. With the iHandy Carpenter app, you can ensure that your measurements are always accurate. This app turns your smartphone into a digital toolbox, providing you with a level, ruler, protractor, and other essential tools for measuring.The iHandy Carpenter app is easy to use. Simply calibrate your phone, and you’re ready to go. This app is especially handy for smaller renovation projects where you may not want to invest in a full set of tools.

5. TapPainter – For Virtual Painting

Tappainter – For Virtual Painting
Choosing the right paint color for your space can be a challenge. With TapPainter, you can see how different paint colors will look in your space before you commit to a color. This app allows you to take a photo of your room and then try out different paint colors to see what works best.TapPainter uses augmented reality technology to create a virtual painting experience. You can choose from a variety of paint colors and brands, and the app will show you what your room will look like with that color on the walls.

6. Handyman Calculator – For Budgeting

Handyman Calculator – For Budgeting
Sticking to a budget is essential when it comes to home renovation. With Handyman Calculator, you can keep track of your expenses and ensure that you stay within your budget. This app includes a variety of calculators for everything from square footage to material costs, so you can get an accurate estimate of how much your renovation will cost.Handyman Calculator is also great for DIY homeowners who want to save money by doing their renovations themselves. The app includes calculators for tile layout, flooring, painting, and more.

7. TaskRabbit – For Hiring a Helping Hand

Taskrabbit – For Hiring A Helping Hand
Sometimes you need a helping hand during your home renovation project. TaskRabbit makes it easy to find someone to lend a hand. This app connects you with local professionals who can help with everything from painting to furniture assembly to yard work.TaskRabbit also allows you to set your own budget for each task and review the profiles of potential taskers before you hire them.

8. Pinterest – For Inspiration and Organization

Pinterest – For Inspiration And Organization
Pinterest is a massive platform that is perfect for finding inspiration and organizing your renovation ideas. You can create boards for each room in your house and save photos, articles, and other inspiration to each board. You can also follow other users who have similar style preferences to get even more inspiration.Pinterest is an excellent resource for finding DIY renovation projects and tutorials, as well as for connecting with other homeowners who are passionate about home improvement.

9. Trello – For Project Management

Trello – For Project Management
Managing a renovation project can be challenging, but Trello makes it easier. This app allows you to create boards for each stage of your renovation project, from planning to completion. You can add notes, photos, and other details to each card, and assign tasks to specific team members.Trello is an excellent tool for sharing progress updates with your contractor or team members. You can also set reminders and deadlines to ensure that your project stays on track.

10. RoomScan Pro – For Fast Floor Plans

Roomscan Pro – For Fast Floor Plans
RoomScan Pro is another app that makes creating floor plans quick and easy. This app uses your smartphone’s camera to create accurate floor plans of your space. All you have to do is point your phone at each wall, and RoomScan Pro will generate a floor plan for you.This app is especially handy for larger renovation projects where accurate floor plans are essential. You can also export your floor plan to a variety of file formats, including PDF, JPEG, and DXF files.


Home renovation projects can be overwhelming, but with these ten apps, you can streamline the process and make it easier to manage. From inspiration to budgeting to project management, there is an app for every stage of your renovation project. Whether you’re planning a DIY project or hiring a contractor, these apps will help you stay organized and on track. So, download these apps today, and get started on your home renovation project!

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